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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Visaaranai(Interrogation) (2015)

Visaaranai (2015) movie poster

Movie Info :

Four immigrants (Pandi, Murugan, Afsal and Kumar) are detained by the local state police, tortured and forced to admit to a crime they have no knowledge of. When all hope seems to be lost, a policeman from their hometown speaks on their behalf at the court hearing, setting them free. The policeman asks for a return favor and the boys oblige, oblivious to the consequences that await them. As they unwittingly bear witness to a political treason, the system seeks to silence them at any cost. But Pandi is determined to be heard.

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My Review :

The movie revolves around four youths who went out of their homes to a foreign place for working, but what it takes in it's course of orbit is pretty heavy. It takes the entire system that's been there for decades in a country and more to it is there is no hiding from showing how flawed it is. Having such high intensity in subject, there is nothing less that you can expect visually! The core cast has defined nothing but the definition for reality on screen. Their hard work is visible in every frame. Introducing a pair and a love bud to the lead wasn't really needed, if it was for making the climax more powerful then I feel the effect was meager. The BGM by GV is very subtle to grasp during the watch(First time at least). But it helped in a great way to reduce the intensity, without which it could be intense a few folds more. This movie will stay with you! This movie will affect you! This movie will make you think about the entire system! This movie can make you get obsessed ! So I would say to be prepared for all of it before you decide to watch it.

My Rating :

Five star image

Must Own.A Classic.

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