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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The Wave (2015)

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Movie Info :

Nestled in Norway's Sunnmøre region, Geiranger is one of the most spectacular tourist draws on the planet. With the mountain Åkerneset overlooking the village - and constantly threatening to collapse into the fjord - it is also a place where cataclysm could strike at any moment. After putting in several years at Geiranger's warning center, geologist Kristian is moving on to a prestigious gig with an oil company. But the very day he's about to drive his family to their new life in the city, Kristian senses something isn't right. The substrata are shifting. No one wants to believe that this could be the big one, especially with tourist season at its peak, but when that mountain begins to crumble, every soul in Geiranger has ten minutes to get to high ground before a tsunami hits, consuming everything in its path.

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My Review :

Definitely bettering a thousand typical Hollywood disaster flicks, The Wave offers up genuinely good characterization and intelligent writing AND delivers on spectacle. Gorgeous photography, impressive CGI and what at least sounds like coherent science combine to make a really excellent film. The central performances are more than solid and the story beats work well. Finally, and it's a minor point, but it is the only film I can think of seeing (at least in immediate memory) where a very specific human behavior occurs when someone panics and is convinced they may drown. Just one of the small moments that really impressed me.Where a lot of disaster films centre on the disaster itself and even fetishize on the destruction in some cases this takes a more old school approach by focusing on the characters that are in the middle of an extraordinary event. Going for said approach means you actually care about the people involved and want to see them make it through the horrific circumstances that unfold. It is also well acted, the wave scene is really well done, like the score, the sets are convincing and it even though it is cliched in areas it is nonetheless an entertaining film. Bravo.

My Rating :

rating 4

A Solid Movie

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